Sussex Scaffolding is committed to responsible use of resourcesWe care about the enviroment!

Our company has recognised responsibilities for environmental matters, place particularly high priority on environmental affairs, with regard to our operations and the services offered to customers.
We operate a policy of effecting continual improvement and change in accordance with developing knowledge and changing environmental requirements.
Our staff are aware of the environmental sensitivity of the business sector, in which the Company operates and seek to continually develop the Company’s environmental compliance.
The following specific objectives form the basis of the our policy.
All the Company’s operations must be carried out with due regard to the appropriate and relevant legal requirements.

We will continue to make available resources to ensure that suppliers and customers are made fully aware of their environmental and legislative responsibilities, with regard to the provision of services in association with asbestos removal.
We will only use disposal facilities where the level of operations control and environmental compliance is deemed to be of a suitable level and represents responsible management.
We will ensure that vehicles and equipment used are well maintained, clean and are always operated within the legal limits, taking advantage, wherever possible, of engineering modifications to reduce pollution and emissions and to save unnecessary consumption of energy.
We will take whatever measures may be necessary to ensure that the collection, transport and disposal facilities, which it utilises, are not and do not become hazardous to public health or the environment.
We co-operate with, and assist to the best of its ability, officers of the Environment Agencies in the exercise of their duties.
We require its staff to advise senior management of any concerns they have regarding poor practice by Waste Disposal Contractors, or about any acts, which might be detrimental to the environment or to the interests of the industry.
The Environmental Policy of our company is one of the continual review and the Company’s responsibility will be maintained through a sound Management Structure.