Construction Scaffolding

Scaffolding Express provide all the necessary qualifications and regulations for working on building sites & for providing access solutions and construction scaffolding for the building of progressive brickwork and blockwork, designed loading areas and crashdecks for fall protection whilst making sure we follow all the NASC recommendations from SG4:10 though to TG20:08.

We are constantly updating our training programs to make sure we are fully up to date with current health and safety regs & expectations including the latest TG20:08 guidance issued by the NASC details how scaffold tube and fittings need to be erected to cover the European standard BS EN 12811-1 which took over from BS 5973 standard separating the basic scaffold structure from designed scaffolds that need to take an imposed load.

We introduced this system into the Scaffolding Express company by fully training all our operatives in TG20 rules and regulations which Included in this training program have made it our company policy to adopt the scaff step system in accordance with SG4:10 which is used to maintain working at height safely during scaffold erecting procedures by installing the next lift handrail from the previous lift.

All our operatives have been issued a scaff step and provided training in the correct use for working on building site’s with an on site demonstration by our in house safety advisor. Construction scaffolding and site works are covered by Control and design management (CDM) regulations under the management & control of the main contractor or client.

The CDM 2007 regulations are about making sure there is effective planning and management of all building projects from planning though the build process and on to completion. The purpose is to aim for reduced risk of all operatives working on site and as part of these regulations we issue risk assessments and method statements for all projects covered by CDM regulations.

With all projects under CDM we are required to provide CSCS registered staff and we currently have all our workforce trained to CSCS level and registered with the CITB scaffolders scheme CISRS from trainee’s to advanced levels operatives. All staff are trained in SG4 covering the inspection and correct use of five point safety harnesses on construction sites and provided full training for a new company rescue plan using the miller rescue kit.

The miller rescue kit is NASC approved for the recovery of a fallen or hanging person suspended in a five point harness using a winch system set up to lift or lower a person to safety and this is one of the regulations covered under the CDM regulations. We have monthly updates on all our health and safety systems starting from safe systems of work, working at height and the correct use and training of fall arrest equipment.

We believe they firmly set the trend when it comes to keeping EVERYONE safe on site & will continue to do this through working with clients in a manner which continually set’s us apart from the rest. If you have a need building project you would like us to work along side you with call us today for a free no obligation quote on our construction scaffolding and building services.

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