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Scaff Express wholeheartedly believes that it offers a better domestic scaffolding service than all of the competition. We have a dedicated team that provides a fantastic range of solutions and free professional advice to householders.

Why might you need scaffolding on your domestic or private property? Whether you intend to employ someone to repair the exterior of your home or do it yourself, a good quality scaffold structure will allow you to:

  • Reach difficult areas such as your chimney stack
  • Repaint or repair the entire exterior of your domestic property
  • Replace guttering, soffits or fascias
  • Have your windows replaced
  • Build extensions or conservatories.

We often use chimney stack scaffolding on domestic and residential properties to give access to areas that need to be repainted or re-pointed. To achieve this, we build an access tower up to the level of the gutter and then add a series of scaffold levels until we reach the working area that you want. We also incorporate ladder access that allows you or the workers you have hired to move up and down safely and quickly.

Domestic conservatory scaffolds can be used for a number of purposes relating to your conservatory, including painting or changing windows or replacing guttering and fascias. On this type of project, we build support towers at either side of your conservatory and use alloy beams to span across the roof area. This provides a secure working platform that gets the job done with no weight load placed on your conservatory whatsoever. After all, a conservatory represents a major investment in your home and you want to be sure that your refurbishment project doesn’t cause any damage. So if you need scaffold in the capital or beyond call our scaffolding London team. As London’s premier scaffolders we can be with you erecting scaffolds the very next day anywhere in the south east!

Cheap deals for private landlords

Our most popular domestic scaffold service is probably our access tower that is used to repaint or redecorate the exterior walls of homes. This offers a cheap and cost effective way of getting the work done while meeting health and safety requirements. We provide solutions that involve full elevation to all platforms, edge protection and ladder gates.

Of course, bad winter weather also means that we’re regularly required to provide domestic roof scaffolding to allow tiles to be replaced or even the entire roof to be replaced. If your roof has seen better days and you’ve opted for a new one to be installed, UK’s domestic scaffolding department can help. On this type of project, we build a structure across the girth of the house at gutter level and install a loading area so that stacks of tiles can be moved and stored appropriately during the work. This applies whether your tiles are brand new or if most of your tiles are being re-used. The advantage of having a separate loading area is that it keeps the main working platforms free from materials and removes the risk of tripping over them.

Residential or listed buildings?

If you live in a listed building or need to stay in your home while your full roof is replaced, don’t be concerned about any damage from the elements. We can erect a temporary roof scaffold to protect your domestic home for the duration of the project. This involves building a structure beyond the gutter level up to a height or around 1 metre above the existing or new roof ridge. We then span the roofing area with alloy beams from the front to the back of your home and install purlin rails at the required distances. Steel corrugated sheets are laid over the rails to make the cover watertight and are tied down with specialist roofing couplers to ensure that the whole structure is secure. Finally, we place monarflex sheeting, which is a heavy duty transparent plastic, over the scaffolding to give even more protection from the weather.

When you’re looking for a scaffolder, you want a high quality company that offers you very reasonable prices. We supply fully qualified and experienced teams on all of our domestic, private and residential jobs. Our personnel are all registered with the Construction Industry Training Board and trained and registered through the Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme. This also means that our scaffolders have to be tested thoroughly on health and safety every five years to renew their qualifications. In addition, we provide our staff with the latest information on safe working practices on a regular basis.

Both of these bodies are national, professional bodies within the construction industry, which provides you with peace of mind when you choose Scaffolding Express.

For a no-obligation quote or even a quick chat about your needs, please give us a call. We provide a comprehensive domestic scaffolding service across the likes of Hampshire, East and West Sussex, London and Surrey. We work in rural and urban locations, including:

  • Eastbourne
  • Selsey
  • Southampton
  • Liphook
  • Woking
  • Portsmouth
  • Horsham
  • Lewes
  • Basingstoke
  • Arundel.

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