Roof scaffolding is a common requirement on many different types of renovation and new build projects. Scaffolding Express is a versatile company that gives access to roofers and other workers on pitched, tiled or flat roofing areas. We have roof scaffold services suitable for residential, commercial and industrial clients and we have built scaffolding for houses, factories, shops and offices.

We offer a better service than other companies because we combine good, honest value with technical expertise in all aspects of structure build and design.


Residential projects

Broken roof tiles can lead to leaks and damage inside so we’d advise all homeowners who spot any to arrange for them to be replaced as quickly as possible. We provide simple access scaffold to allow you or your roofer to change the tiles and to renew the lead to the chimney if this is required. We deliver a safe working platform, with ladder access, so that the work can be completed quickly.

Tiles often need to be replaced as a result of other home improvement work being undertaken such as the installation of a dormer window for a loft conversion. We often build strong roof saddles that bridge the ridge that allows full access for the workers who are carrying out the work.

On domestic projects, we build a series of lifts from ground to roof level at the correct height and provide sufficient handrails. This allows for tiles and tools to be transported efficiently and for the people using the scaffolding to be confident that they have minimised any risks by using our company.


Roofing and edge protection scaffold Eastney Road Portsmouth


Commercial projects

For commercial roofing projects, we deliver a full access solution that allows people to work safely and effectively. We comply fully with all health and safety and working at height regulations. As part of this, we offer features such as edge protection handrails, safety nets and harnesses to implement safe working practices. On tile replacement or re-roofing projects, it’s essential that customers can lift their materials from ground to the top of building without breaching manual handling requirements. To eliminate this, you can hire a powered lifting platform from us.

We have undertaken scaffold services on many office building refurbishment projects. We build a scaffolding structure from the ground up but, because of the additional height, we tie the scaffold to the building using Hilti ties at intervals of 4m sq. This ensures that the working platforms are stable.


Industrial projects

Industrial projects probably offer the most challenges, simply because they are on a larger scale. However, we have the expertise and the experience to offer the ideal framework. Again, we use edge protection handrails that follow the width of the building and incorporate a roof scaffold tower that will give free access via the ladder to the roof area.

To build in roofing edge protection handrails, our trained drivers use MEWPs to fit the uprights to the steel frame using steel clamp fittings. This is a highly demanding piece of work so we only use skilled workers who have demonstrated their competence in this task. We then install the handrail to create a safe working area around the entire perimeter.


Load bearing requirements

The loading requirements on the roof scaffolding can vary from project to project. On domestic renovations, it is set at around 1.5kn per square metre, approximately 2 – 2.5kn per square metre on commercial projects and up to 5kn per square metre on industrial projects. For roofing projects that use larger roof sheets (such as Kingspan), we can build a loading bay in conjunction with the scaffolding. This will take a substantial load of up to 10kn per square metre and we always build a full scaffold design for this type of project.

It’s essential that you use a company that has the expertise to calculate load bearing requirements and we have this.

Sometimes we’d advise you to incorporate a temporary roof structure if your repairs need to be carried out during adverse weather conditions. To protect your building from the elements or from accidents if people will still be living in the property, we will install a temporary roof over the top of your existing structure.

We provide our excellent roofing scaffold services throughout the counties of Surrey, Sussex, London and Hampshire. If you are a homeowner or site manager in need of solid and secure roof scaffolding, please contact our teams for free professional advice. We can provide a free site survey and an affordable no-obligation quote.