Steel tower scaffold and ladder hire

Our professional company can supply, erect and dismantle any size scaffold tower, platforms or stage structure with ladders using steel tubes, couplers and boards for many different uses. So whether you need a tower scaffold for low level and very high building works we can help or whether you need a tower for re-painting or re-pointing, changing soffits & fascias or guttering works, or if you need a tower scaffold for replacing your double glazing or a tower scaffold for use on any building or construction site? Then we are the company to call! Steel tube platform

The main type and size of working at height tower scaffold and ladders we mainly supply is usually 2m – 7m long and erected in small areas to provide a stable working area. A steel scaffold tower can be a much better option when working at high levels than an alloy zip up tower as these type of platforms can be very difficult to stabilize on uneven or loose ground and if you need to carry out any masonry works at height, a steel tower structure will be more than capable of carrying the load unlike an aluminium tower. You can read more about tower scaffolds here and safety aspects.

How we can help when you need to work at height

The loadings that can be imposed on an alloy or aluminium tower are 0.75kn per square meter which is classed as a light duty tower but using a traditional scaffold tube, fittings and coupler tower means that an imposed load of up to 3kn per sq meter which covers masonry and stone works. With a scaffold tower the scaffolding lift can be positioned at any height or even span over an area using two scaffold towers each side for example a conservatory or lower roof and joined together with beams to create the working platform with full ladder access.

Need a tower erecting today or tomorrow?

We can build towers, platforms or stage structures to any height for you to re-decorate that difficult to reach window or soffits and fascias above a glass or tiled roof area or to even change a difficult to reach television aerial on a chimney stack. Included with every one of our scaffold tower hire options, we also provide a ladder gate which makes getting materials up to the working areas very easy. With these type of tube and coupler towers we can also supply rubbish chute’s if required, installed for removing rubbish and debris from any working area in to a skip or bin positioned below the working area.

We can also provide a staircase tower when supplying access to keep the working area clear of ladder openings if preferred. For more details on our scaffold tower hire options available which come with boards, ladder and edge protection as standard you can call us on freephone 0800 0337962.

**** Please note we do not supply aluminium tower structures but steel scaffold tower structures using boards, a metal ladder, galvanised tube and fitting couplers and components for hire **** .