Scaffolding Shoring and Supports

Scaffolding Express can provide many different types of scaffold shoring for supporting buildings or unsafe structures. One of the shores we can provide is a flying shore that can provide a full support between two buildings whilst the floors are removed. This type of structure is fixed to each wall of the adjoining properties and set on wooden blocks to hold the scaffold in place under construction.


Firstly you build a tower in the middle of the span to give access to the erection area and once the flying shore is erected the tower is removed to enable the removal of existing floor from the building ready for renewal.

Another shore we have provided is a dead shore and this type of scaffold is named this way as it supports direct load from above or a dead weight.This product has been provided by us for supporting car park floors undergoing new strengthening works or for removal and re-installation of concrete floors. With a designed dead shore it can be capable of holding very heavy loads up to 30kn per sq meter. The raking shore is used to support a scaffold structure horizontally for example supporting an exposed temporary roof structure.

This type of scaffold shore will take away point loadings from a structure and allow additional support if the scaffold is exposed to wind loadings. We have also used raking shores to support free standing scaffolding as this increases the smallest base dimension to stop the scaffold falling if there is no contact with the building like rendering scaffolds or for buildings that are cladded.

Raking buttresses can be used to hold kentiledge for supporting tall scaffolds at risk or untied to the building. Any scaffold shores we provide come with full design and calculations as this is outside the TG20 recommendations of basic scaffolding as the supportive loads are greater than general purpose scaffolds normally supporting 2kn per sq meter.

For fully designed support shores and shoring scaffolds please contact us for a free site visit and quotation and experienced advice on the best options available for any project.