What is NASC and why become a member?

The National Access and Scaffolding Confederation, or NASC, is a leading trade body for the access and scaffolding industry.

The organisation not only gives the public the necessary assurance that its members are fully qualified, and that they offer high work standards, but also that safety procedures are adhered to by following strict guidelines. Furthermore, it also provides its members with many benefits.

Here we look at just a few of the benefits that companies receive when they become NASC members.

Customer Assurance and Recognition

The most important benefit of scaffolders joining the NASC is that scaffolding companies and scaffold erectors and contractors join a widely recognised organisation whose members are associated with high standards and reputability.

As NASC (National Access and Scaffolding Confederation) insist that all members adhere to strict codes of conduct, policies and guidelines, customers can be assured that member companies are guaranteed to follow their regulations for best practise and high quality workmanship when working onsite.

This has led to many customers only accepting tenders from, and consequently granting work to, contractors that are members of NASC. Therefore, it is ultimately in your company’s best interest to become a member to open up access to these customers and their potential offer of work.

When you become an NASC member, your businesses information is included on the NASC website so customers searching for contractors here will have the opportunity to view your details. NASC often have customers looking for local contractors that contact their company directly. In these circumstances, NASC give details of all the local member companies, so the customer will be given your contact details if you are within the appropriate area.

The membership also means you can use NASC logo on your own company advertisements and literature and you receive a certificate of membership to display. As this is the case, potential customers can immediately see that you are a member, and therefore a reputable company with high standards of workmanship.

Access to Information and Advice

There are often changes in government legislation that need to be brought to the attention of those working in the construction field.

NASC members are kept up to date with information relevant to the trade through newsletters, emails and various other forms of communication, ensuring that they are always familiar with the latest facts concerning the industry.

Members also receive a set of guidance notes supplied by NASC free of charge, and a further 50% discount on any publications produced by NASC, so you can have access to appropriate materials whenever necessary.

As members of NASC, companies can also receive advice in pertinent areas of the industry, such as health and safety policies and risk assessments, or disciplinary or redundancy procedures for employees.

Security Issues

Security is cause for concern throughout the construction industry, with trespassing and theft becoming increasing common issues across many building sites.

NASC provide access to information regarding the best practise methods to keep your site secure at all times. The organisation also liaises regularly with the appropriate authorities to ensure that security issues are always in the spotlight, which raises awareness of potential thefts.

In addition, NASC members have the opportunity to take advantage of specialist insurance schemes so that if security concerns should become a regular problem, there is at least some light at the end of what could have been a very dark tunnel.


Training is an absolute necessity in the construction industry. Not only does it ensure work is carried out to the highest of standards, but also minimises the chances of any accidents, and therefore injury, occurring.

All employees working on site should be trained and qualified to carry out the work, as having just one member of the team untrained can result in an incident occurring on the site that could otherwise have been avoided.

NASC manages the CISRS (Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme) training scheme, which ensures that trainees are fully competent in all relevant areas of scaffolding.

It also awards varying levels of competency depending on the training and experience of the cardholder. The implementation of the scheme not only protects employees from causing or falling victim to accidents on site, but also tells customers that workers are fully qualified to carry out the required work to a high standard.

Legal Representation

Unfortunately, the construction industry attracts a high number of lawsuits when compared to many other industries due to the high risk of onsite injury.

If a member of the public, or an employee, has an accident on a building site, chances are high that they will bring a case to court for damages. Alternatively, employees may feel it is necessary to bring about legal action if they feel that the company has not followed employment legislation correctly.

If this does become an issue for NASC members, they can receive help and advice so that they are fully equipped to deal with any impending court case. Members also have access to free legal representation if required, which can literally save a business thousands in legal fees.

NASC Events

NASC holds many events throughout the year, regularly exhibits at trade shows and even holds a dinner dance for members.

This is a great opportunity for members to expand their contacts within the industry, as you will be able to meet fellow members of NASC as well as people from other industry bodies. These events also give you a chance to discuss work related issues and concerns, and find out more about current news in the industry.

At present we are currently not NASC members but will be applying in the near future.